Business Communication for Working Professionals (Advanced)

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Giới thiệu

I am a teacher from Canada with over 8 years experience teaching adults conversational/business English. I also work in educational recruitment and have founded my own small recruitment agency. I love improving students' professional communication and giving them to tools to take their career to the next step. I've trained in top corporations globally and know what it takes to make a great impression at job interviews, meetings, and more.

I also love working with technical people. My background is in Mathematics and I feel I have an edge in discussing analytical jobs such as engineering, accounting, and finance.

Bằng cấp

120 Hour TESOL program
Bachelor's degree with a major in Mathematics
PGCE (in progress)

Kinh nghiệm

8 Years total ESL
3 Years teaching adult conversational English
5 Years as Corporate Trainer

Giới thiệu về khóa học

Work and Motivation
Company Structure
Managing Across Cultures
Women in Business
Sectors of the Economy
General Economics

Mục tiêu khóa học

A series of current and emerging topics that every business professional should be skilled in.

The course content is split into assigned readings (comprehension and analysis), assignments (real world examples and practice), and discussions (critical thinking exercises).

The student should come out of the course feeling confident among their foreign colleagues and be able to make a strong impression with their degree of communication.

Lộ trình học

There are a total of 28 modular (independent) topics. Students can choose a bespoke curriculum of the 10-28 topics they feel are most relevant to them.

Each topic should ideally be covered in a two-hour class, however for busy professionals 1-1.5 hours is possible.

Students should demonstrate skills at the IELTS 6.0 band of higher to join this course. If not, please message me directly as I'm currently developing courses for lower-level students.

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