Wordpress Coding Course

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Giới thiệu

-Be able to learn by myself and have new ideas from what I have learned and what I have watched.
- Adapt quickly to the programming language.
-Be very patient for the job. I can sit 24/24 to find a solution for one problem or just to know how it work sorhow to do so.
-Be willing to learn and share experiences with others. I have good-smart in programming, capable of fast learning and develop modern application.
-Be able to adapt quickly to the job, new location.

-6years’ experience working with wordpress+php+mysql+jquery+ajax+javascript+html5+css+responsible...I can read code, fixbugs and also customize any theme as well as wordpress plugin, editing interface effects add new features, new creation based wordpress theme html interface...Learn more SEO, Adwords, operatee-commercesite.
- During years at school, I knowledge in programming languages such asC, HTML, DHTML&Javascript, SQLServer, Java,.Net, C#, Winforms with C#, ASP, WebServlets&JSP, webappJSP&Struts,XML&Java, Java webservices, EJB.
- Being a Team Leader for the project at school(Making the Team Leader of the project in all cases), I can analyze and find solutions quickly for a project.

Bằng cấp

- Diploma Information System Management at FPT ApechInstitute
- FPT Institute.
• Major: Coder & Technicians
• Classification: excellent

Kinh nghiệm

- More than 2 years working for Youth World
+ https://www.enginethemes.com/ I create, support and customize many programs for customers

- 2 years working for Branh 2 Company, I create and customize many programs for customers
+ http://mianmi.vn/
+ http://www.lechatnails.com.vn/
+ http://e-boram.com.vn/
+ http://khudothisala.vn/
+ http://www.househappy.vn/
+ http://tapchilifestyle.com/
+ http://lifestyle.com.vn/
+ http://mracing.com.vn/
+ http://canhcam.com.vn/
+ http://www.canhcam.vn/
+ http://nangluc.canhcam.vn/
+ http://homefurniture.com.vn/
+ http://volunteerforeducation.org/
+ http://vietnamteachingjobs.com/

- 1 years working for Taka Company, I create and customize many programs for customers
+ http://songviet.com.vn/
+ http://nichiden.com.vn/
+ http://emporio.com.vn/
+ http://tinhnghenano.info/
+ http://giaynhamriken.com.vn/
+ http://shopdecor.com.vn/
+ http://daylaixehoi.com.vn/
+ http://bequeen.com.vn/
+ http://tamik.vn/
+ http://cungmuatour.com.vn/
+ http://lelacafe.com/
+ http://hellostart.net/
+ http://intheblack.vn/
+ http://onlyweb.vn/
+ http://saonhanh.com/
+ http://quattranden.com/


Giới thiệu về khóa học

WordPress is a content management system that powers many of the most popular sites on the web. It allows you to easily customize the look of your site with themes, extend the functionality with plugins, and easily edit your content by just logging in and using their intuitive interface to add more content to your site or edit existing sites.

Mục tiêu khóa học

- Localhost Install (Wamp server - Apache server - Xampp server)
- UX – UI - Visual Designer
- Wordpress Install
- Guide to setup content and editing image, editor css, js.

Lộ trình học

This course will have lessons
Lesson 1: Wordpress Install in Localhost and Host

Lesson 2: Install theme and customize content and layout

Lesson 3: Html + css + Js

Lesson 4: Ps cut Image

Lesson 5: Using Popular Plugins

Lesson 6: SEO and Publish website

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