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Giới thiệu

Là singh viên chuẩn bị tốt nghiệp trường đại học Mở, chuyên ngành kinh doanh, tiếng anh giao tiếp tốt.

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Hơn 2 năm dạy kèm anh văn giao tiếp tại nhà

Giới thiệu về khóa học

With all students of this level, though, pronunciation problems may likely hinder comprehension, both for the native speakers in the conversation and for the students. For native speakers, unless familiar with the usual mistakes associated with the mother tongue of the students, misunderstandings will arise. For the students, the actual pronunciation of the word doesn't match the sound in their heads, and so an inability to easily follow conversations often occurs.

Mục tiêu khóa học

Stronger students may also speak with somewhat more ability and confidence on less familiar topics, yet they will do so with long pauses. These topics will need to focus more on concrete, everyday aspects like travel, friends, or work. Discussions on politics, the environment, and most current events will generate only the most elementary of responses, and will lead to frustration rather than a meaningful opportunity to practice the language.

Lộ trình học

Repetition and extension of activities. Students need practice with the language already learned, repeating activities to build fluency. In addition, they will need opportunities to mix new language with previously learned grammar and vocabulary. Again, repetition allows new and old language to be successfully practiced. Some students may become overly concerned with accuracy, which will significantly slow down the reaction time in a conversation.

Listening practice. Students will primarily pick out key words when listening, and so may miss verb tenses, plurals, prepositions, and other aspects. They will not fully understand lengthier conversations as a result. Extensive listening opportunities, whether in the classroom or assigned as homework, are of benefit.

Pronunciation practice. Students must build a better ability with the sounds and intonation of English. This will greatly help their ability to participate (listen and speak) in a conversation.

Speaking practice. As has been mentioned, conversations could proceed slowly,, especially with unfamiliar topics. An inability to incorporate speaking strategies and appropriate language forms will produce long, frequent pauses. Students need the opportunity to speak in semi-controlled to free activities, as well as some preparation before beginning an activity. (For example, the teacher allows students two minutes to think and jot down notes to talk about two questions on family.)

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