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Giới thiệu

I am a qualified, experienced TEFL / TESOL teacher, teaching at a Language School in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have done 1 year of Online English teaching as well. I am also fluent in French. I am a Native English speaker from South Africa.

Bằng cấp

I have a Degree in National Tourism in South Africa
Global TEFL / TESOL 150 hours Certification
DELF French Certification

Kinh nghiệm

2007/ 2008: After returning to South Africa from a 7 month stay in the USA, I was offered a position as a French Teacher by a French Academy in Johannesburg, instructing English speaking adults in conversational French. The curriculum was based on the Alliance Française teaching methods.

2015: In this year I started my training with TUTOR GROUP in Taiwan, teaching English Online, to Chinese and Taiwanese adult students. I simultaneously studied for my TEFL/TESOL 150 hours Certification which I completed during this time. I discontinued working for the company, as an ENGLISH TUTOR, when I decided to move to Vietnam.

2016 : I arrived in Hanoi and started teaching EFL English to children aged 9 to 14 years on a regular basis at American Academy. In the near future I would like to teach adults EFL English, as this has always been my preference.

Giới thiệu về khóa học

I can creat a Course for the Specific needs of my students - from Beginner to Advanced. I would need to converse and assess my student's ability and proficiency in English so as to grade the course I would need to teach to that specific learner.

Mục tiêu khóa học

Beginners : To teach sentence structures through the introduction of verbs and nouns in the Present Tense, for Beginners. Start working on English pronunciation. Teach basic everyday English words. Teach positive and negative responses.
Intermediate : To help improve sentence structure in the Past Tense, introducing irregular verbs in the Past Tense. Help with reading English and correct pronunciation. As the course progresses, introduce adjectives, pronouns and written essays.
Advanced: Students with advanced capabilities will be introduced to Business English and will be asked to have free and lengthy conversations, debates and in depth discussions on any subject, in English.

Lộ trình học

To be advised, at the requirements of each student application.

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