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Giới thiệu

I am proud to be Canadian. I am from Montreal which is founded by three nations: the native, the Britain and the French. Born there makes me be able to speak English and French. I have study five years in order to be a teacher in my province. I came back from Vietnam a year ago after teaching over there for a year. I realize that being in contact with English speaker in Montreal give preferential treatment for learning the second language. I choose to give my help for the learners in English because I know it can be really hard. So why you should choose this course from me:

* Be taught by highly qualified teachers
* Experience business focused lessons that use modern techniques, allowing you to practice English through role-plays, presentations and written tasks
* Gain access to the world’s largest online learning resource with specific business learning tools
* See your skills progress in all areas relevant to your workplace

It will be a pleasure to meet you soon!

Bằng cấp

DES High School Cure-Antoine-Labelle
DEC College Montmorency

Kinh nghiệm

I first visited VietNam in 2012 as a volunteer teacher, aswell as starting the first arts and crafts class, I taught english and maths to students ranging from 5 to 21 years old at all levels. Back then, the school was new and very small, I learnt valuable life skills there, especially how to interact and become friends with people who live their lives completely differently to how I would back home. Duringmy 2nd visit this year I planned on staying for 6 more weeks but left after 4 as it had changed so much, it was much larger with many more other teachers who were not really there to teach and help people who needed it. Overall I think my first time in Vietnam was a life defining time for me, and I realised that teaching,learning and helping others who needed it was something I wanted to pursue.

Besides having worked as a teacher in Vietnam, I have work as a tutor for the poor kids in Montreal. I had to show them how to read. As a consultant in pedagogy, a company requests my expertise for the lesson app. I have tested them and give feedback.

Giới thiệu về khóa học

English is essential if you want to get ahead in today’s fast-paced global economy. Therefore, this course has been specifically designed to give you the skills required to communicate effectively in the world’s business language.

The course is focused on contexts that are relevant to your working life. So I will select materials to help you with the specific areas you want to improve. These might include negotiating skills, telephone and teleconference skills, giving presentations or managing meetings. Everything you need to help you realise your full potential at work.

Using my voice training, theatre and business background I will give you the training to speak confidently and clearing during meetings. The course will focus on pace, fluency and using varied vocabulary. We will also look at Canadian customs and culture. I will give you insights about leaving and working in Canada. Lessons are conducted in a relaxed manner and they will fully prepare you for meetings, discussions and correspondence. Programs are designed to respond to the skills and task-based requirements of each trainee - with clear, realistic objectives.

Mục tiêu khóa học

• Improve personal effectiveness
• Extend use of English within a business setting
• Increase confidence
• Increase business vocabulary
• Practice pronunciation

Lộ trình học

• Tailored to address specific needs of the individual or company
• Modular language skills programs
• Practical language for the workplace and professional environments

This course will help you:

• Improve every aspect of your English to better communicate more effectively in the workplace
• Use targeted, up-to-date business materials that help with specific areas in which you want to improve
• Put you in touch with other professionals, allowing you to share business ideas and solutions as well as building your professional network

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