English for kindergarten

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Giới thiệu

A confident marketing and sales professional, with over 6 and a half years’ experience , who enjoys delivering an exceptional service and excels in a fast paced work environment and challenging situations. Looking for a role that will challenge and utilise a goal orientated work ethic.

Bằng cấp

- Aug – Sept 2016: Global Language Training Certificate: TEFL

- Jan 2011 – Nov 2015: UNISA
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

- Nov 2013 – March 2014 UCT Certificate: Online Marketing Short Course

- Feb – Nov 2008: Varsity College Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Kinh nghiệm

August 2016 – onward EIV’s ESL teacher
• Kindergarten, Hanoi, Vietnam.
I taught two groups of kindergarten children aged 3yrs-5yrs old, 15 children per class. I taught through songs and games. I had a very simple routine with a lot of repetition due to the young age of the children. I worked part time in this school where it was a very enjoyable experience working with children so young.
• Children Palace, Hanoi, Vietnam.
In this position I taught at elementary level. Working from Family and Friends books, I created fun ways for the children to learn and interact with myself and their classmates. In the short time I worked there, great improvements were seen in areas of pronunciation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

Giới thiệu về khóa học

Lessons include interactive activities that focus on communication skills, stimulating your child’s love of English and giving them opportunities to interact with each other in an English-only environment.

So whether your child is learning English for the very first time or is almost fluent, my unique approach will give them all the individual attention and opportunities they need to express themselves in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Mục tiêu khóa học

+ Learn to greet people the first time you meet them using formulaic expressions. Learn how to respond to first meeting greetings.
+ To learn to ask and answer questions about age using the ‘How old’ question format.
+ To learn to ask for and give descriptions of things using adjectives of color. Learn to describe clothes using colors.
+ To learn to ask and answer number questions using the ‘How many’ question format. Also learn to count from one to ten.
+ To learn to ask and answer questions about ability using the ‘can/can't’ auxiliary, modal verb in conjunction with action verbs.
+ To learn to ask and answer questions about positions of things using the question form 'Where is' and prepositions of place.

Lộ trình học

Lesson 1: Nice to meet you
Lesson 2: How old are you
Lesson 3: What are you wearing
Lesson 4: How's many apples?
Lesson 5: Can you run fast
Lesson 6: Where is my teddy?

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