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Your expert private tutors


1. Who is BeeTutors?

BeeTutors provides an online platform that helps Students find their suitable Tutors. We constantly recruits Tutors, allow them to develop their customer network and earn money by tutoring for their favored students.


2. Who are the intended subjects of BeeTutors platform?

BeeTutors is the platform for all those with a need of studying for themselves and for others. We are currently partnering with a lot of Tutors and they themselves have hundreds of training courses to meet your demand.


3. What is our Tutor qualification?

Tutors with teaching certification, experience and real involvement in multiple student's tutoring are preferred. Confidence is a must for Tutors without actual experience. A general knowledge test would also be required.


4. What are the benefits for Tutors at BeeTutors?

This is the place where you could perform your teaching at your convenience without paying additional fee. Your own personal and training course brand image would also be boosted. Besides, there are many meaningful gifts for special occasions.



5. What are the benefits for Students and Parents at BeeTutors?

Be able to study the most essential subjects with the best Tutors at a nearest location. Receive extensive support during learning progress.


6. What are the benefits of having an account at BeeTutors?

If you are a Tutor, you can register a training course, exchange messages with Student and comment on articles on BeeTutors site.

If you are a Student, you can talk with your Tutor, register a course or post an article to find your Tutor, comment on everyone's posts.


7. I forgot my account's password, what should I do?

Contact customer service to receive new password to resume the interaction process with everyone.


8. Will BeeTutors help me find Tutor and course?

If you do not have a lot of time, just contact customer services and tell them what you need. We will send you the list of Tutor and course, from which you could decide on the most suitable ones.


9. Is BeeTutors payment method secure?

We put our customers’ safety and security at high prority; therefore, our payment method is verified and completely secured.