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Your expert private tutors

Terms and policy

Terms and Policies

I. Instructions for Students.

At BeeTutors, we encourage all students to follow certain requirements, such as Terms of Use and Conditions of Use of Websites and Services.

Students are required to:

• Make payment for lesson and course management from Beetutors account

• Understand and follow our refund policy

• Manage all direct schedules with your own Tutor(s).

• Understand and follow all study hour renewal principles. Students are not allowed to skip their lesson without advanced notice to BeeTutors or their Tutor(s).

• Work directly with BeeTutors over the matter of Tutor(s) change, solution for unsatisfactory issues.


I. Instructions for Tutors.

At BeeTutors, Tutors are required to follow certain requirements while using our website and service.

• Let Beetutors process the payment for all training courses (initial and continued).

• Always update current locations and be ready to provide your training course(s).

• Adjust training schedule and content as agreement between Tutor and Student.

• Do not smoke or use alcohol during tutoring session.

• Tutors are not allowed to cancel their lesson without advanced notice to BeeTutors or their Student(s).


Tutors are encouraged to:

• Process all direct schedule details with their Students.

• Notify BeeTutors if Students skip more than 3 lessons in a row.

• Notify Beetutors if your Students encounter any payment issues, which we could support within our control.

• You are not allowed to perfom any contract or agreement on our behalf without being requested or authorized in writing by us to do so.


III. General Conditions

 1. Agreement.

By using our services, you commit to us that you are a legal entity. If you are under legal mature age, make sure to obtain consent from your parents or legal guardian(s). If you use our services by being a representative of other company or legal entity, you commit that you have the authority to bind the other company or legal entity with terms and policy of BeeTutors.

2. How Our Services Work.

BeeTutors is an independent online platform for Students and Tutors.

For Students, we provide a channel for you to find your favorite Tutor(s) and training course(s).

For Tutors, we provide various services for support and instruction, including instructions on registration, training course creation, payment and media tool. Students can view Tutor profile, training course or exchange text message with Tutors.

Overtime, we may add new services or upgrade the features. If a certain training course is suspended or not available, we have the right to suggest a replacement of similar Tutor or training course.

3. Member

BeeTutors always encourage users to resgister as members to enjoy full benefits from useful functions of BeeTutors. By this, you must provide accurate and full information during registration process and keep these information updated during the use of services from BeeTutors. Each members possesses only one BeeTutors account. We have the right to suspend or terminate your BeeTutors account or your training course if you are detected to violate BeeTutors Terms of Services.

4. Tuition.

Training course tuition is created by Tutor. When Student registers for a training course, is it obvious that he or she agrees with this rate without any discount negotiation. The rates vary depending on Tutor and lesson. There are additional Terms and Conditions attached in confirmation email from BeeTutors. We do not accept refund for violations against this term or technical error, power failure or unstable network connection, which are out of our control.

5. Safety.

No member may, either directly or indirectly, break, entice or negotiate the training course or engage in any business deal with any of our members without our consent. In this event, that member must pay the legal penalty, which is under the form of commission or fee.

6. Account Security.

All information about you may be collected by us via interaction with BeeTutors including: information provided by you (such as name, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, other contact details and further information entered into the Website); information being automatically collected (result data from your activities, such as transaction details, IP address, credential, email, password and online activities); mobile data (location sevice); and information for other sources.

Please contact us immediately about any illegal use of your ID or password or any security breaching action, and make sure to log out of your account at the end of every session. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by your failure to follow this requirement. You are recommended to take extra caution when access your account from a public or shared computer. The one who causes error must be solely responsible in all cases.

7. Contents Uploaded by Members.

As a members, you may send content, such as video, image and provide feedback. You are solely responsible for the content posted by you and displayed on our services, or transmitted or displayed or other members. You must not upload to the site or transfer to other members any regarding to defamation, incorrect or misleading information, abuse, pornography, vulgar, offensiveness, sexual orientation, threat, harassment, racism, assault, or illegal or violating materials or materials that violate other party's rights (including, but not limit to, intellectual property and ownership and publicity). 


IV. Privacy Policy.

BeeTutors commit to protect your privacy. We do not sell, rent or exchange personal information of any customer of ours to any third party. Please review our policy and contact us if you have any question.

1. Personal Information Collection.

When signing in BeeTutors app and registering to order a Tutor via BeeTutors, your personal information are collected along with the registration process. Your decision to provide such information is voluntary. We collect these information to meet your needs in arranging tutoring schedule at our best. If you choose not to share this information with us, it could hinder our effort in satisfying our order.

Our registration forms collect information such as name, email address, telephone number, and information about the potential tutors or learners that you are looking for. If you choose to provide your telephone number or email address, you can receive phone call and contact email from us with information related to our products, services, special promotion campaigns or incoming events. You can refuse to receive such information in the future.

Your personal information are used by BeeTutors for payment purpose, evaluating and providing services for users, informing users and internal auditing. We can also use collected information to confirm that you are allowed to use the application and process a requested transaction, including payment processing.

For applications activities requiring personal information, you agree to provide accurate information about yourself. The registration and involvement in our application activities could be terminated without prior notice at any time if we detect any misleading information provided by you or violation of any terms of this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Services.

BeeTutors will not disclose any personal information of yours without your consent or in special cases, such as when we believe that the disclosure is deemed necessary for the collaboration with local law enforcement, to perform Terms of Use or prevent illegal use of applications.

BeeTutors relies on user’s feedback about provided tutoring services, and such action requires feedback information from users after each completed training session. BeeTutors reserves the rights to copy your service feedback sent to our representatives via our website or BeeTutors applications in promotion materials, in business development materials, with your name and your organization identity. Your email address and any other personal information besides your name and your organization identity will not be used at any time without your consent. If you want to stay incognito while providing feedback, you may indicate so in the applications.

2. Voluntary Customer Survey.

We may periodically perform both business and individual survey. We encourage our customers to participate in the surveys because their invaluable information would help us improve our services and our way of service provision and develop our new products. Your information and answer will be kept strictly confidential (except for cases regulated by laws) even in the case of survey from a third party. The participation in our survey is voluntary.

3. Link.

BeeTutors applications may contain links to other websites or online materials. BeeTutors assume no responsibility over the content or privacy of actions on those websites. We encourage our uses to practice clear conscience when leaving our website, and read the policies of any website that they may access. Privacy and security statements from BeeTutors only apply for information collected by BeeTutors applications.

4. Protection.

We utilizes all kinds of precautions to protect your information. When you send your information via BeeTutors applications, your information are protected, both online and offline. While we try our best to protect your privacy and information, the security of information sent through your personal Internet access is out of our control and therefore, such way of information disclosure may lead to your own risks.

Only BeeTutors staff members are allowed to access your information to perform their duty.  And they must have safe administration right to do so. The servers, where archived information are hosted, are located in a safe, secure and professional environment.

We recommend parents and guardians to spend online time with their children and instruct their children to never disclosure real name, address, telephone number without parents or guardians' permission while using Internet.

5. Payment Information.

We commit to process your payment information with high level of standard of information security. Your credit card information is stored in an encrypted format and processed by a server secured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology though the use of payment processor from a third party. We restrict the access right to your personal information to the only related staff member when they need it to provide support for you. While we try our best to secure the cyber-security integrity for our networks and system, we could not guarantee that our security measures could prevent hackers from collecting information illegally.