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Your expert private tutors

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1. What should I do if I want to join BeeTutors?

It takes under 1 minute; simply click Sign In and "Please sign up here!”, insert all information and click Tutors. It is available to register at no cost. However, for quality assurance, we will verify newly registered tutors' information.


2. I want to become a tutor but I don't have any teaching certifications. Could I become a BeeTutors tutor?

BeeTutors always welcome all Tutors. We are currently and constantly expand available subjects, from theory to practice.

Therefore, if you want to acquire real life skills, being taught by an experienced teacher and exposed to practice is required.


3. I want to register my own training course, what should I do?

Log into your account and click “Create and Manage Training Course”, enter detailed information about your course. Click “save” to complete.


4. Which subject Tutors could teach via BeeTutors?

BeeTutors provide tutoring service for a lot of subjects, ranging from elementary school to college and more. We are looking for teachers for students at all age and level, from pupils to adults, in any subjects in life.


5. How many hours does a Tutor required to teach?

The duration of the training course is up to the Tutor. A lot of our Tutor perform one hour per week, while others may take this as a full-time job. And BeeTutors is designed for both.


6. What should I do to promote my information to Students?

It is really simple. After successful registration, a Tutor account quickly creates a subject you can teach. Within 12 hours, your course would be activated and your information would be distinctly displayed on BeeTutors website. All what you need to do is always be ready to receive new Students.


7. How do Students contact Tutors?

Once the training course is activated, interested students can send a message to his or her Tutor via BeeTutors' the internal messaging system. We will inform the Tutor whenever a Student send a new message.




8. How to keep contact with Students?

After the first sessions, Tutors may exchange telephone number with some Students. To facilitate communication between Tutors, we require all contact information between Tutors and Students must have a written copy or you can use the discussion via Via system.


9. How do I know if the course is successfully connected?

Once a Tutor and a Student agree on date and location of the first lesson and the Student make a successful payment, both would receive an email confirming the successfully connected from BeeTutors.


10. How do Tutors receive remuneration?

Once the training course is successfully registered, BeeTutors will process all the course's fee via our automatic system. Tutors must not accept direct payment from Student.


11. What information must Tutors provide to receive payment?

To receive remuneration in accordance with regulations, sometimes, we need more information to be able to make any payment into your account. This includes a table with teaching hour from the training course, and sometimes an addition ID. Plase give us some time to secure the payment for you.


12. What must a Tutor do if he or she want to cancel a session?

You can cancel a lesson but only with a 12 hours advance notice to your Student. However, for the sake of credit and quality, Tutor and Student should work together so the course is not interrupted.